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Duplicate Finder has proven itself to be a real workhorse for me. I had a huge number of document image files with duplicate file names on files with differing content and files with the same content but different names. Times and dates did not match and because they were imaged documents the contents could not be compared except bit by bit.

Duplicate Finder has been up to the task and it has even saved me from deleting all copies of a file by issuing a warning and allowing me to recover. I have complete confidence when I issue the delete command on thousands of files that they are the right files (even though the names, dates and times may differ for a given duplicate) and I know that I'm not erasing all copies of a file because the program won't let me unless I tell it I want to.

The developer has been very responsive whenever I have made a suggestion or comment to him and a pleasure to deal with.

I wholeheartedly recommend Duplicate Finder to anyone who wants to tackle their duplicate files.

Tim Merriman

I'm finding Duplicate Finder a very useful tool, seems to work very efficiently and has certainly highlighted a considerable number of duplicate on my system.

Leonard Abbey


As a Computer Forensic Examiner, I have a great need to maintain multiple copies of electronic artifacts for extended periods of time. This, however, can become a burden in terms of disk storage consumption and needless redundancy by error.

I just purchased Duplicate Finder in order to support my non-business needs and, in the process of using it for the non-business purposes, I pleasantly discovered the tremendous advantages it could bring to the business activities.

In a very short period of time, I was able to eliminate previously undiscovered duplicate files, which reclaimed just over 491 GB of a total of 2.2 TB storage space. The interface is tremendously easy to use and intuitive in every way.

What an excellent solution for someone who over duplicates in order to be on the safe side, or just every day accumulation that tends to build over the normal course of time and file/folder management.

Thank very much to the Ashisoft Team, I will be purchasing additional tools very soon.

Marv Hamels

I have been using duplicate finder v2.0 and then v2.5 for over two years now and have had no problems with either version! I run your program a minimum of five times a day with all types of files, and with folders that have as many as 200,000 files to be compared for duplication! I also run a weekly check on a 75 GB stored database to ensure there are no copies duplicated. I look forward to seeing what the new v2.8 can do!

John Davidoff

I'm finding Duplicate Finder a very useful tool, seems to work very efficiently and has certainly highlighted a considerable number of duplicate on my system.

The Duplicate Finder program is attractive to me because it identifies & organizes the duplicates, The program is slick and easy in finding and marking duplicates
I recommend Duplicate Finder to all friends.

Ronald Sudweeks

I have used Duplicate Finder to eliminate thousands of duplicate emails on my hard drive. Duplicate Finder is easy to use and very fast. I especially like the fact that you can search any one folder or the entire drive. It has saved me days of hand labor. I tested the program by making small changes in identical files and found no errors.

A great program and response to questions by the author was quick and concise. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for duplicate files.

Bob Hall

I have approximately 12000 mp3 files and many are duplicates. Your program sorts them quickly and correctly. Your programs is the BEST.

Bill Farren

I've been looking at threads here about dupe finders. Most are OK but don't allow much automatic operation. I've found one called, strangely enough, Duplicate Finder.

that I think is pretty good. Does CRC and byte/byte comparisons and allows you to batch mark and batch delete or move the dupes. Has a tiny image display, so it's not much good that way, but the main view shows all file details so you can combine that with a quick review to be sure you're not moving or deleting anything you don't want to. Anyway, I have no investment in the program, just though there might be others in search of a tool to easily clean up those photo directories. I managed to move about 3500 of 19000 files that were duplicates to a new directory where I'll let them sit a while. Eventually I'll delete.

Michael Smearer

If your hard drive is bloated with duplicate files, this program offers a compelling cleanup solution. You can prioritize accuracy or speed in your hunt for cluttering clones, comparing files byte by byte or just by their filenames. Folder-location and file-size parameters help you focus your search. You also can optimize your scans by searching only for certain types of files, such as MP3s or JPEGs. After finding duplicates, you can quickly move, rename, or delete them. The sophisticated marking system lets you select files by date, size, and several other criteria. You also can save the parameters of your scan for later use. We like the quick image-preview feature, which allows you to actually see what you're deleting without having to open another program. The trial version will only let you remove a certain number of files per session, but this isn't a huge downside. Most users likely will find Duplicate Finder quite useful for keeping their hard drives lean. 

cNet Review
Duplicate Finder helps you maintain your system health and life by cleaning it of duplicate files which take up hard disk space.

Duplicate files can be created for various reasons and it has detrimental effects on your system performance.

This reliable tool can identify duplicate files byte by byte for accurate and faster results. It has the ability to show the files versions and properties. The results can be derived in HTML and CSV formats. The interface of the tool is very user friendly even for novice users. It supports all network connections as well works with removable media devices like floppies and other tools. Duplicate files which are created at the time of installation of some application and running of some programs can be identified very easily with this tool. It successfully removes true duplicate files saving your disk space and enabling smooth running of your systems.
Freedownload Center Review
If you have a large collection of any type of digital media, whether it be photos or music, odds are you'll end up with duplicates. Hard drives are so big nowadays, it's not so much a matter of saving space as it is having a neat and organized library of digital data. I posted about this exact problem earlier and Filip suggested I try Duplicate Finder 2.0. The user interface isn't very polished, but all in all the program works quite well - it's very fast, chewing through 13,000 or so MP3/WMA files in about ten seconds on my AMD 3500+ machine. It sorts the results in a list that shows the folder location, file size, and other data, and lists the duplicates in clusters. This makes it fast and easy to press the space bar to tag the duplicate you want to remove, then at the end of the process you can delete all the tagged files at once. You can also chose to move the duplicates to another folder instead of deleting them if you're extra paranoid about data loss.

It can also be used for finding duplicate photos. Using it on 9500 or so photos and set to find duplicates based on byte size, I was surprised at the number of duplicates I had! I pride myself on my well-organized photo collection, so this was a rather rude surprise. There's a pop-up picture viewer, but it doesn't resize based on aspect ratio so you end up with distorted pictures. All in all this is a fairly useful tool, If you have a messy digital media collection with a lot of duplicates, this is a useful tool.
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